MAELIA Overview


In the MAELIA project, we design and develop a digital platform for the simulation of socio-environmental effects of implementing norms related to the governance and management of water and other resources, territories and the environment.

These norms (joint network of social and legal rules, interaction networks of organizations and stakeholders, resource uses, etc.) are the most important expression of public policy objectives and reflect the aspirations of some social groups. They are an essential tool for effective search of a sustainable development, but may also be the leading cause of success or failure of this search.

To assess the direct / indirect or expected / unexpected effects of these norms in an area where renewable natural resources are at the same time subject to competing uses or exploitation and depend on physical and biogeochemical processes, the platform couples a increasing number of stylized dynamic such as:

  • the geochemistry and hydrology at the basin scale;
  • the land use and land cover, their changes and impacts on the resources;
  • the human behavior and activities related to resource uses, exploitation …
  • … or management;
  • the impacts of climate change, particularly on the water resources;
  • etc.

The modeling of water management being a too large issue, we focus our efforts on modeling the management of low water, probably the major pending problem in the Adour-Garonne Basin that global changes (climate change, land use changes, demography,…) can amplify in the coming decades. Nevertheless, the analyses and modeling methodologies developed here for the management of low water in the Adour-Garonne basin are applicable or transferable to the management of water in other social-ecological or environmental contexts.

The following pages present both the methodology of interdisciplinary collaboration that we have invented, the social and environmental context specific to the low water management in the Adour-Garonne Basin, the main results obtained in terms of design of the simulation platform for low-water management scenarios, the basis of the organization of the platform and data management, some analysis tools used.

The project MAELIA is funded by the STAE « Science and Technology of Aeronautics and Space » in Toulouse (France). It primarily involves personal from the research laboratories AGIR/INRA, GET/OMP (Univ. Toulouse 3), IRIT (Univ. Toulouse 1) and MSHS-T (Univ. Toulouse 2) (see the « links » to their respective sites).


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